— Suggested Use —

Infinity Water can be calibrated effectively, efficiently and quickly using any potable water source, except reverse osmosis. Even a plastic bottle of water from WalMart is fine; just remember to write 1 2 5 8 3 on the outside to mitigate any effects of the plastic!

FOOTBATH: Heat a gallon or two on the stove and pour into a basin. If it’s plastic, write 1 2 5 8 3 on the outside of the basin with a permanent marker.

BATHTUB SOAK *: Measure water into 5-gallon buckets while filling the tub and blending the water with codeums. For ease with daily or repeated soaks, we’ve found it best to mark the inside of the tub with a wax pencil or permanent marker (which is easy to remove with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, be sure to test in a non-conspicuous area first).

*Please know it is not recommended to be used in a hot tub unless the spa is for individual use only, as the water calibrates directly to the user’s DNA.

SPRAY BOTTLE: Spray over bare body/auric field morning and night and air dry (if it’s a plastic spray bottle, be sure to write 1 2 5 8 3 on the outside with a marker). Spray onto the face and neck 2x a day, then apply moisturizer or skin creams.

Regularly spray in a room where someone is unwell and not mobile, including over their bed.

If feeling “bouncy” due to incoming energies or situation, spray the water directly over your auric field, from toes to head to heels, over clothed body.

If you have an achy body part such as a knee or wrist, or perhaps if you’re experiencing a headache, put it on a cloth and the body part. You may also find it easy and convenient to use a Ziploc baggie (remember to write 1 2 5 8 3 on the outside of the bag!) and fold a paper towel to fit, then put just enough water in the baggie to wet the paper towel.

TRAVEL: Infinity Water is also PERFECT for traveling! It’s in a 2 oz. bottle, approved for airplanes, and fits easily in a purse or bag. We also take it traveling/vacationing and store it in the cooler for daily use.

PETS: Use for a pet with health issues (or without!). Serve Infinity Water in their water bowl, mix it in their food (when appropriate) and spritz on “hot spots”, injuries, sutures, arthritic areas, and more.

GARDENING: Water your garden or indoor plants with Infinity Water; they love it! We would love to hear from you about how watering  your vegetables, flowers, shrubs, fruit, etc., with Infinity Water effects their growth and taste!

Use your imagination! You may find other ways to use the water, and your feedback is welcomed! This is the beginning of a key phase in all our lives!

As with all changes in one’s daily routine, check in with your higher self for appropriateness and health providers if you’re under a doctor’s care.

I’m Ready to use Infinity Water!