— Considerations —

Infinity Water is living water, an extremely powerful detoxing tool for all aspects of yourself: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You must first make room for what’s available for your highest and greatest good by clearing out any residue or toxicity that may be present!

We are all genetically different, and as the water calibrates to your specific DNA pattern, it will produce varying results. The calibrated water will go directly to where it is most needed, which may be slightly different than initially anticipated.

A personal example is that, in addition to drinking Infinity Water daily, I treated a skin disruption by spraying water on the rash. While the water felt great on my skin, cooling and smoothing the tissue and significantly reducing the size of the area being treated, it didn’t completely clear up the erupted area. I learned later that it was working on a much deeper level I hadn’t even considered, a chronic condition I’d had for decades.

The Alliance suggests that if you’re in good health/unvaccinated: calibrate and use 1 gallon daily for several days to release what no longer serves you moving forward. As time goes on, you’ll be compelled to drink less water, gradually moving to a quart or liter daily and even to a small amount in the morning, in the evening, or even once daily.

If you’ve chosen to be vaccinated or are experiencing health issues, one gallon daily for 12 days or more, depending on how you feel. You may be guided to drink large quantities for longer due to your health condition.

While one gallon is optimal, three quarts are fine, too! After that, reduce to 1 quart or liter daily to continue restoration of the physical body and balance in the mental and emotional bodies. The spiritual body and psychic awareness also become more finely tuned!

If you have trouble drinking large quantities of water, it’s best to drink it through a straw, so you’re not swallowing air alongside the water. This will help alleviate that bloated feeling. The more closely one follows the guidelines, the sooner and more powerfully one will feel the effects.

Some highly sensitive people have found that starting with a smaller amount and working up to more over time works well for them. For others, perhaps a quick spray over the crown area is best. Again, it’s all about YOU!

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