— Calibrating Your Water —

It’s easy and fast to blend your water! Although it only takes 10 minutes for a gallon to become acclimated with the Infinity Water, we often do ours in the evening before going to bed and allow it to merge overnight.

While it’s best to use glass bottles for all water, particularly Infinity Water, food-grade plastic bottles are common and convenient! To mitigate the energy and any effect plastic may have on water, we’re gifted an additional codeum to write on the outside of the container. Using a permanent marker, write 1 2 5 8 3 on the bottle. That’s all! No need for repetitions of the codeum or activation language. The sequence will imprint on the water within the container during the same time as the codeum takes to calibrate Infinity Water to the water in the container!

Using a water dispenser, use the same process on your water bottle; the same process works perfectly for a home or office water dispenser. You can taste and feel the difference even if you’re reusing a bottle you got at the convenience store!

In the blending process, it’s important to know that the water will imprint on one’s DNA signature within 5.75 minutes of holding the “mother” dropper bottle, so it’s significant not to hold the bottle for over five minutes if sharing.

The process for calibrating your water is in two quick and easy steps. Go into a lightly meditative, focused state and, while placing the appropriate number of drops of Infinity Water “mother” in one’s water, recite the first codeum aloud five times, each numeral on the out-breath, and activation language recited once to blend the water for personal or group use, such as a five-gallon water bottle dispenser. The second codeum, repeated once, and each numeral on the out-breath, is to provide the water with “direction” during this incredibly shifting time, with another simple phrase repeated once. Each codeum has its activation wording.

The sequences are provided with the 2-ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle of Infinity Water you receive when ordering. Each bottle calibrates up to 120 gallons of water. This allows a lot of flexibility and creativity! Codeums can change as we change, with the aquifer shifting to accommodate. Updates are provided via email!


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