— The Science —


Purity and Deuterium

Testing shows that Infinity Water contains zero deuterium and approximately 10 parts per million (ppm) of totally dissolved solids (TDS) absorbed from the surrounding region at its point of emergence. Downstream, where the water is gathered, it has accumulated 10 ppm deuterium and 40 ppm TDS.

Deuterium is one of two widely recognized, naturally occurring isotopes of hydrogen and can react the same way as hydrogen, although it forms D2O rather than H2O. The concentration of deuterium in water naturally ranges from 120-160 ppm and is typically 150 ppm, with healthy deuterium levels in the body under 130 ppm.

Rigorous research shows that the higher levels of deuterium in water, the more challenging it is for a living organism to assimilate effectively. It is viewed as “heavy” as each deuterium is twice as heavy as hydrogen and referred to as “heavy water.” Large amounts of heavy water produced during nuclear reactions and in higher concentrations is toxic to all life forms. Seeds don’t germinate well, plants fail to thrive when watered with it and often die, and animals become quite ill. The lower the deuterium amount, the easier the water molecule to move through the cell wall, transporting nutrients and relieving the cell of waste. For more on this, please refer to siimland.com/deuterium-and-health. Another good resource is Cancer and the New Biology of Water by Thomas Cowan, MD, particularly pages 101-112.

Hydrogen Bond Angle

Using the ancient sciences of dowsing and kinesiology, it’s been found that Infinity Water has a hydrogen bond angle of 144 degrees rather than the typical 104 degrees. This is simply unheard of! Even the most advanced water structuring devices available at considerable cost only produce a hydrogen bond angle of 114 degrees. In layman’s terms, the hydrogen bond angle is the angle at which the hydrogen atoms are bonded with the oxygen atom to create the water molecule or H2O.

The hydrogen bond angle of Infinity Water is understood to permeate the cell wall at an unprecedented rate, hydrating and oxygenating in a way previously unknown, and transporting waste, whether energetic or physical, from the cell with amazing speed and efficiency!

We believe this to be one of the results of the work of the PVA Alliance, as there’s no other way to explain this occurrence! We also believe this to be a significant component of why the water produces the wide range of recalibration within the energy field and cellular structure of every living thing we’ve introduced it to.