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I’ve never made spiritually conscious changes this fast, this deeply and this profound in my life. I’m consciously connected to spirit and not very many “healers” nor “life changing products” have EVER had much of an effect.

The use of Infinity Water shifted my consciousness around a recent tragedy and reset how I processed the trauma. I KNOW the water (its programming, my processing with it, and the waters connection to Source) took me through all the stages of healing in a matter of days. From past experience I know it would have taken months to years to break through to a place of peace and acceptance.

I owe my miraculous “recovery” to Infinity Water and its other dimensional programming.

Thank you Laura for bringing humanity this amazing water!

Lorien Fenton, Radio Talk Show Host & TV Personality

Infinity Water is sourced from a sacred spring on private property, set high in the Rocky Mountains, around 10,000 feet. The spring came forth over 35,000 years ago and is one of only six recognized springs worldwide with this purity level. Its aquifer lies on a bed of quartzite and is in a gold-bearing region.

A team of galactics has been programming the aquifer for over 10 years in preparation for this time of HuManity’s growth. The galactic team refers to itself as the PVA Alliance, with one member each from the Pleiades, Vega, Arcturus star systems, as well as others. They completed the process on March 7, 2022.

Shortly after the February 22-23, 2022, “Gateway appearance” in Sedona, where Laura Barton participated in the activation ceremony, she was contacted by the Alliance to go to this spring – which was unknown to her at the time. She was informed of the PVA Alliance’s intentions around the water. She was asked to reach out to other conscious HuMans and share about the water, guiding each to keep a “water journal” so the Alliance could better understand the effects of their work.

The results were astonishing regardless of one’s level of energetic expansion, health, or other conditions. With the completed coast-to-coast beta test, the water is being made available on a broader scale.

Infinity Water is living water and very precisely structured. One does not need to use “stones” (examples: crystals, gemstones, etc.) to “assist” as conflicting energy forms. The “mother” is best used with spring or well water, even bottled or distilled, rather than RO (reverse-osmosis) water. This is due to the RO process of moving water thru a permeable membrane for purification.

Infinity Water is designed to personalize to the user, acclimating to each person’s DNA. Your results are as individual as YOU are!

Highly Pure Water From a Sacred Spring in the Rocky Mountains

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The water has definitely caused a shift in my energies, allowing things to come forward to be released. Allowing me to quiet my mind, and slow down. Allowing me to allow and ask for what I need, allowing me to Be … the real ME, reminding me to be more loving, to all situations, as the universal answer to all situations.

— Marian, Rockford, MI

In addition to everything else we’ve noticed with this water over the past six months, recently we decided to start giving our dog the water instead of the mega filtered water we usually use. She’s a bit incontinent, dribbles here and there, and after about a week, there’s nothing to pick up after! What a relief, and a lot less work! AND no more brown spots on the lawn from strong urine!

Laura, New Castle, CO

The muscles and tendons in my body are relaxing (I have bad scoliosis), and I’m much more comfortable than I have ever been. Then one evening, I put the water in some of my Tibetan bowls prior to a bowl ceremony. For the first time EVER, I saw the water go into hexagons, not ripples or other shapes… it’s amazing! We drank the water later and it was the smoothest water I’ve ever experienced! I felt both energized nd relaxed at the same time!

–Lynne, Coeur D’Alene, ID

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