— About Laura —

Laura grew up drinking pristine water from a 9′ deep well that tapped into an underground stream on her parents’ property in remote northeastern Oregon, a gift being so close to the surface. This water was sweet, hydrating, and often called the best water in Wallowa County (Wallowa interpreted from Nez Perce’s native language as Land of Winding Waters.

Laura’s understanding of water has evolved over decades of study and experience sampling waters around the North American continent, including Alaska. At one point, she became fascinated with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work. She has used various structuring devices, hydrogen water infusions, language, light and crystals in conjunction with water for many, many years. Most recently, her research led to deuterium-depleted water and how the hydrogen bond angle of the water atom affects our body and overall health.

Having been long connected with multidimensional intelligences, it was little surprise that she was guided in March 2022 to a sacred spring high in the Rockies on a parcel of private land. As a minister ordained in both nondenominational and metaphysical aspects, the water resonated deeply with her entire being, which led to her recognizing it as sacred.

When presented with an opportunity to “help get the word out to the people of the planet” about the incredible benefits of this amazingly pure water, she agreed, and the Infinity Water project was birthed.

Laura refers to herself as simply “an aspect of Creator in form.” and is recognized by clients worldwide as a multidimensional guide and healer, cosmic shaman, and ordained minister. Connect with her through the CONTACT US page, on the Infinity Water FACEBOOK page or visit SourceLightIntegrations.com.